Thursday, October 30, 2003

Today I begin this new adventure called blogging. I was enticed by several other bloggers who found it a useful way to corral stray thoughts and promote creativity.

This last week I went off my diet of historical embroidery into the world of beading. Peyote stitch to be exact. I took 2 wonderful classes from Joyce Lukomski - a beaded bead and a beaded amulet bag. It was wonderful brain candy.

While neither project is finished, I started on beading a wooden needlecase which I've been iching to do for a couple years. I finally gave myself permission to do it. It was frustrating at first as the flat bottom didn't work as the pattern showed and the pattern doesn't work left to right only right to left . So I set aside the instructions and did it the way my brain said it should work -- it works!!!!!!! I post pics soon.