Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Good, the Bad, and the continuing saga

Had a blast doing the medieval thing at Maker Faire. Since the EGA booth had enough people working it, I opted to do the medieval booth. Maker Faire is the largest DIY event and stuff from steampunk to teslas happen along with everything fiber or electric or fire or.... Our booth was a mix of demos of arts, fighting, and display. I had my fiber arts and jewelry out. I brought stitching, knitting, weaving, and spinning. Since they had enough spinners I spent most of my time hem stitching a napkin while talking to people. Found I couldn't weave and talk (grumble need to take out that section...). Will fought and talked armor to lots of kids and dads.

I had been trying for quite a while to meet up with a guy who does fiber arts stuff and learn naalbinding from him. Others have tried to teach me, but it never looked right. I knew that he could make me see the path. Fortunately one of the booths had fabulous wool for sale - wool that felts. The joins are done with spit felting. 15 minutes later - I am a confirmed addict of naalbinding -- and I really understand it!

On May 27th Will fell on the inside front steps while loading the car for Erinwood. ER said left knee not broken - here is a splint - here are crutches - here are meds and see Ortho on June 2. June 2 see Ortho doc, 5 minutes in he is calling the on call doc to schedule Will for surgery, same day -- he ripped his Quadracept Tendon from his knee. They take the tendon above the knee and sew it to the tendon below the knee through the knee cap (drill holes). 6 weeks in a do not move knee brace from mid thigh to ankle. They kept him in overnight for pain issues and then sent him home with drugs. The leg is weight bearing and the ice maker is getting a work out (me too running up and down the stairs). Fortunately not much keeps the Will down for long, but.... He can't drive since the knee needs to be straight and he can't sit in either front seat. He sits in the back seat with his leg up on the seat.

We leave in 2 weeks for a 3 week road trip - Northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. I am visiting 7 of my EGA chapters with a couple stops for family and friends. I get to drive. The last week is our West An Tir War in Gold Beach Oregon. No war for the Will but I am in charge of Arts and Sciences. We have a great class line up! We have motel reservations since if we take it, I have be able to carry it. It will be a long 3 weeks, but fortunately Will and I do well together. Pickwick will have his personal house/cat sitter while we are gone.

One of the key events at the War is the First EVER Medieval Sock Wars! Knitting is medieval so why not! Besides lets make it fun!!!!! The contestants have from Friday 9am until Sunday around 3 pm to get 1 sock done in worsted weight yarn - knitted or naalbinded. The minimum length is 16". We are using a plausibly period pattern or contestants can do their own. There are 3 categories for competition - 1st done or most done if no one completes, judges choice, and most inches per kingdom. Brown Sheep, Yarnia and Lion Brand have all donated supplies to help get the idea off the ground. I am tickled that other large inter-kingdom events have opted to run with the idea.