Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Makers Faire - The 1000 Hands Quilt

Tomorrow is the set up for the Makers Faire. If you are not familiar the Makers Faire ( is one of the largest - if not the largest DIY festival. They promote anything that people make. This year the theme is Remaking America -- as in reuse of stuff. It should be interesting.

The local EGA chapter is taking a booth. Another lady and I are the event coordinators = we work the whole time. Thursday is set up. Fri am and midday are bus loads of kids. Friday afternoon is a maker to maker time. Sat is 10-8 and Sun 10-6. Long days ahead.

We are doing a crazy quilt from scrapes and donated items. I cut the pieces for 24 blocks and the other lady is sewing them. We will put 4 at a time on stretcher bars and encourage people to stop and take a stitch or 2. We are calling the project, the 1000 hands quilt. Who knows. They expect 65,000-80,000 people through the doors. Yes I think it is VERY important that EGA have a booth there.

The other lady is one of the owners of the quilt shop where we meet. She has put together kumihimo foam "circles" with information about her shop and our guild. There was a lot of donated yarn from the boutique so we are expecting to hand out about a 1000 with simple 7 strand - over 2 braids.

It will be crazy. It will be fun. It will be tiring, but hey why not.