Monday, December 01, 2008

Quick weekend update - oh the food!

Tue was my EGA chapter meeting. I gave a presentation on the Region seminar experience and my 10 day in Louisville (Headquarters, Board meeting, International Embroidery Conference and National Seminar). This will be my traveling show when I visit other chapters in the Region as Region Director. Then came my first installation where I presided over the installation of new officers. As always it is the holiday potluck as well. HMMMM good! My contribution was a plum cake (civil war fruit cake with raisins, currents, molasses and brandy).

Raced home via the supermarket to beat the inlaw arrival. W's father and wife from LA. Off to Cafe Gibraltar - our favorite local restaurant. Wallu in coconut jalapeno sauce. Chestnut Squash soup (vegan). Petrale Sole over potato dumplings in wine caper sauce. No I didn't have any dessert.

Wed was a lazy day. Boys went hiking with younger brother. Vicki knitted. I made a silver double weave viking chain about 3" long in silver. Added end bits and a blue with metallic bead and into a circle form. It will be come a pin. I am teaching in February for my mother in laws local art group. They do a lot of jewelry, bead and other glass work so the viking weaving is a natural for them. Wednesday dinner was sushi since crab is no longer an option for me.

Thursday up early for the parade. Made Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Then turkey dinner for 6 - rolls, fruit salad, crudite, creamed onions, mashed potatoes, stuffing (in and out of bird), brussel sprouts, gravy, and turkey. Orange and whole berry cranberry courtesy of W's dad. Appetizers - eggplant and tomato tapenades courtesy of W's brother and wife. THEN our neighbors came over for dessert which they brought - carrot cake from Humble Texas, pumpkin spice cookies from Draegers, and cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks (yes I keep the left over bars).

For the dinner I used a mix of plates, silverware, serving dishes, and glasses. The table cloth was the traditional one from the '60's. There were items from great-aunts/uncles, grandparents - both sides, my mother, my aunt, and Will. Since the last of my close family passed away 8 years ago - it was time to do a bit of integration and celebration.

Friday - saw the inlaws off and then off to the Gem and Jewelry Show. W bought me some beautiful earrings. Don't know where I will wear them, but (sigh) the man has good taste. Managed to find all the bits I needed for projects. Hooked up with Aurelia for the show. Dinner post with her and husband at Chevy's. Needed the margarita (top shelf) by then.

Saturday - off to Brion and Ysa's for "fighter practice" and socializing. It turned into a lazy day since no one showed to fight. Ysa made a lovely dinner from left overs. Boy can that woman cook! We brought cheese and home made almond short bread. Will finally got his pumpkin pie fix.

Saturday evening W's pager went off and all day Sunday was spent working (poor guy). But that is why we stayed "home" for the holidays - just in case. Made matzah meal pancakes for breakfast. Dinner was Turkey dinner redo.

Stuffed!!! Now back to the diet.