Saturday, October 30, 2004

1 Year Anniversary!!!

A year ago today I started this blog - my first blog. My friend and mentor, Linn Skinner nudged me into blogging. She had started her blog The Embroideress and found the feedback to be very supportive. Since much of what I was doing was not in the mainsteam, as it were, she thought I would also find it helpful. It has been very helpful and supportive. So to all of you who read this blog and periodically comment on my journey through the modern world while I promote historical embroidery -- a very big thank-you.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Having Fun with Goldwork Too

Yesterday I taught at my local EGA - Basic Metal Thread Embroidery and Bullion Basics. Had 6 for the class and managed to hook them all. A couple of the ladies had materials or kits but had been afraid to try them, but after the class they seemed gung ho to go play. One lady is a designer and I can't wait to see what she develops with the Metal Threads; she is sooooo very creative.

I've also let myself in for some work. I've agreed to be our local workshop chair. It seems they have liked my classes and are looking forward to some creative workshops.

So left the meeting feeling good. They also were very pleased with my article and several had actually gone out and bought the magazine. Needless to say I'm flying high. Now to buckle down and write the one for the Jan/Feb issue. Fortunately the project is done.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Having Fun with Blackwork

Spent the last couple evenings getting ready to teach this morning's class on Blackwork Filling Patterns. I love teaching this class as it really is one where you see the light bulb go on in people's eyes as they begin to understand the concepts and make it their own.

There were 16 in an ANG class today - all very experienced stitchers. Some had done blackwork before. A couple had taken classes from Ilse Althaer (?sp) on making Blackwork Reversible. And still the light bulb went on in these stitchers' eyes. It was so VERY rewarding. They came away from class thinking that Blackwork is fun! Hurrah - more converts. A couple even stated that they intended to finish the project -- high praise indeed -- so I'm riding high

Tonight is switching gears as tomorrow I teach beginning Metal Thread Embroidery with a bit of bullion basics thrown in for good measure. Of course putting the kits together is so much fun with a new kitten around.

Monday, October 18, 2004

You can lead a horse to water

It seems that this same theory holds true with needleworkers. They have been asking for classes on more advanced stitches, but no one showed. Spent large portions of last week doing up the handout for 3 raised stitches. Oh well! Yes I'll post the handout sometime this week - for the audience at large.

Yes the trip pics are up on the personal portion of the website. Spent several days doing a quick and dirty travel log with pics - including the costume and embroidery pages.

This last weekend was October Crown. A bit wierd as the site we use also was used by the CDF (California Forestry Dept) to fight a nearby forest fire. We had smaller space allotment than usual, massive modern lighting all day and night, helicopters flying in and out, and collie dogs in trainging for another group - dogs barked all day. A number of the off duty fire fighters came over to check out our group and its doings.

We came home with a kitten - 12 weeks old, from a friend whose cat had a litter. The husband has said we should get our present male cat a kitten so... Tomorrow the vet and when we get the all clear then we will do the introductions. Meanwhile I need to find a way to put all my fiber arts stuff away. I am sooooo spoiled as our current cat could care less about needles, thread, yarn, etc. He will act as a fabric weight and loves wool, but other wise is an embroiderers delight. I can see lots of challenges ahead.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I played hooky

Went on a wonderful 2 week vacation and didn't do any needlework. I really played hooky!

Husband and I spent lots of time in museums in Washington DC. Don't remember when I walked soooooo much. Ended the 1st part, on my birthday, with going to the White House in the AM, the Library of Congress exhibit on 350 years of Jewish Life in America in the afternoon, and Cirque du Soleil's Varekai in the PM. It is good to have a flexible mind.

Then off to visit friends in Alexandria via Mt Vernon. Wonderful house in old town, good food and company. Got our cat fix too. Then off again to Colonial Williamsburg. Lots more walking. Spent serious money on this trip on books - clothing, textiles, and cookbooks. The DeWitt Museum has wonderful drawers of textiles including samplers and other embroidered items so guess I did at least look at needlework on the trip.

Finished off the trip with a visit to horse country and another friend's home which is styled as a Regency Country House. She has taken an old "ranch" and rebuilt it into a working farm. It is completely organic and supports an English style tavern. It is also one of the largest farms for shire horses Ayrshire Farm.

I'll post pics to the personal website soon - if anyone is interested.

Finally readjusting to being back and the time change. Spent the day working on my handout for the class for October Crown - 3 Raised Stitches (Detached Buttonhole, Trellis, and Hollie Point). Yes I'll post the handout to the website after the class. For those that have a raised eyebrow as to whether Hollie Point is Elizabethan - Digby says it is, but others disagree.

Now to wind down with The Three Muskateers and some basic sewing stuff - yes sometimes you just need to do the repair work too.