Friday, June 15, 2007

Necessity - a foundation for Creativity

When I was getting ready for the UK trip, I was given a list of items to bring for the class. In addition, as I did the homework, there were other items which made my stitching easier. Then came the issue - how best to carry them. Considering the weight limits, taking my usual stitching box was not an option.

I have a couple plastic "organizer" boxes from the office supply store - the 6" x 8" x 2" size. Since this would be good protection and light weight it made a good choice. Next to go in were the silks that we had been provided with for the stitching. What was left were necessary items - scissors (NOT my best but still quality): 2 pair - one for embroidery and one for cutting metal threads, needles: they sent a tapestry needle (24) and a gold embroidery needle, but when doing the embroidery I found that it was easier to have different needles going for different colors. I also found myself using a couple straight pins and a needle threader. So obviously I needed some sort of needlecase.

I've been eying some of the Hussifs and thinking about making one in the encrusted crazy quilting, but not something to be done on deadline. In looking at the site, there was a pattern for making a fan style crazy quilt patch. Hmmmm. I like fans. Hmmmmm.

In looking at the fan pattern, I saw a double scissor case with built in needlecase. So out came the nice wool felts, some cotton and wool threads and here is the result.

I started with a 1/4 circle that was 5 1/4" on the straight sides. It worked well even when stuffed full. I may add ribbons to tie it shut, but otherwise I am well pleased with the experiment.

A couple of the ladies in the class asked if they could "teach" my project at their shop. The answer is of course yes with proper attribution. Enjoy!

If you are interested, I also popped a thimble (their request), a pair of tweezers, bees wax rose, and ruler in my travel case for the class.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Catching Up - Maybe

Trying hard not to run in circles (scream and shout). On the life side, I am soooo not a techie but there are lots of techie items to handle. My blog has code issues to be dealt with and I am avoiding them. I need to redo my website - 3 years out of date. That would not be so bad, except we are on basic DSL and can't upgrade at present. When the spouse works from home, he has issues with the downloads taking away from his productivity. I love that people seem to be enjoying my website and using my materials, but I need to redo the site for ease of use (not to mention all the new materials waiting to be added). I need to build a webpage/s for our UK trip and finish linking the pages from our last 2 trips. I also need to move into ical and AddressBook. I'll need to upgrade my operating system soon, so need to move out of the old comfortable programs (sigh!).

On the house side, we are in the process of preparing to have the outside of the house painted. Have chosen the contractor. Now to choose the paint colors.

For the SCA - June Crown approaches. We are presenting the Kneeling Carpets. The ladies have done a fabulous job in needling them into shape. I need to finish the Queen's Carpet label and then block it and the Kings label. Then I'll do a piece on its making for the History website. Meanwhile I'm weaving lavender wands (the lavender tells you when it is ready to be worked) and making the thank-you gifts for the needleworkers (12 in all). Since I picked up a new addiction in the UK - Kumihimo, I'm trying out different patterns for the thank-yous. In addition a friend is having a momentous ceremony and some of us are doing decorations for her ceremony garment -- fortunately I only need to do a small bit. Then next month I need to make the presentation bag for the Pennsic gifts (viking style bag).

On the EGA side - I'm preparing for Jane Nicholas to come for a weeks visit/classes in July. Our chapter is doing a redwork style quilt and I am project manager for it. Linn Skinner is coming in November and will be doing a Wild and Wonderful workshop on Artist Trading Cards (more on that later) and I need to get the arrangements for it in place.

Need to empty the next storage locker by November so need to buckle down and do more on ebay, garage sales, etc. Sometimes the memories are a bit overwhelming, but it is time to take this step.

On the teaching side - June Crown is Reticella, A&S/July is Filet Lace - a new class for me, August is Finishing - in preparation for our ornament "donation thank-you" for EGA in November, September is the Blackwork Needlecase, October - lecture on History of Embroidery - another new class, November is a Crazy Quilt weekend - make 6 blocks and learn 6 stitches - also new. This class is in prep for next years tour for Sharon Boggins.

Now I remember why I don't do ToDo Lists. Today is pay bills, laundry, other mundane tasks, and find the desk top. Hope to reward myself with some Kumihimo tonight.