Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot Teaching!!!

How hot was it - 107 when we left Napa at 7 pm!!! Managed to teach the 3 classes. Turnout for the event was low (sigh!). 

I had told the schedule people to start me with 2nd period since I couldn't guarantee 1st period with daytripping. The husband decided to take, and sent in an advance registration, for a 1st period class. Left the house at 6:30 am! I am sooooo not a morning person. Grabbed coffee on the way out of town and off to the event. I wore an Indian tunic and pants outfit  - rich dark blue with variation on gold embroidery. Very pretty and thin cotton. Even so I kept wetting my napkin in the ice water and placing it around my neck. Someone had thoughtfully put iced water coolers around the site. It was a life saver - literally.

Otherwise - had fun. I spent some time with a couple ladies and learned the basics of spinning with a drop spindle. It was a gap in my knowledge base that needed to be filled. Spent class breaks and lunch judging some of the competitions. Got some good feedback on my goldwork piece for my column including a fix for one problem that was really bugging me. It was a relatively laid back good day.

Spent the week recovering and doing EGA stuff. Now to finish some more goldwork and prep for the weekend. Saturday, Will's sister and nephew are going to met us at an event. His brother and wife may also come along. 

Sunday his war unit has practice at our house - field across the street. Expect we will freak the neighbors a bit. It will be followed by a big barbeque & party. The weather is expected to be 68 here (100 inland) on Sunday. Think we will have a full crew. Need to finish shopping for the party tomorrow. Will prep the food Saturday after the day's event. Nothing like cooking for 20 (hot dogs and other sausages, teriyakied chicken drumettes, broccoli salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, veggie dip tray, and fresh fruit - pineapple, catalope, berries, and watermelon for dessert).

Friday, July 21, 2006

No I am Not Subtle, but I am true

You scored as IV - The Emperor. The Emperor represents power. There is nothing subtle about this Tarot card. The Empress has power through love.The Emperor has power through power. He is in control, he is forceful and ambitious. Nothing will stop him. He is a natural leader, having either been born to the role or having disposed of all those who stood in his way. If well aspected in a Tarot spread this card can indicate success. It represents obstacles overcome, goals reached and ambition fulfilled. If badly aspected it can indicate either weakness or an abuse of power.

IV - The Emperor


XIII: Death


X - Wheel of Fortune


VIII - Strength


II - The High Priestess


XIX: The Sun


XI: Justice


XVI: The Tower


III - The Empress


VI: The Lovers


I - Magician


0 - The Fool


XV: The Devil


Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave

Seems that we are not the only area with a heat wave. Talked with friends in England yesterday and they are melting from the heat.

I don't do heat so the heat is a bit debilitating. I do my morning stuff in the office until the office gets too hot. Then I move to the kitchen/garden room for a late breakfast and lavendar wand making session. Then back upstairs to the office for a bit. Then to the den for some needlework. 

Yesterday was doing the model for the reticella class -- very basic bit with a frame, fill of buttonhole stitch and brides. It is a 2"x2" square and I am working with #5 pearl cotton. The pattern would do better with a bit smaller square and finer cotton, but this is for beginners to get a taste. It is hard to design something that works for a 1.5 hour class. This class is on loan from a lovely lady in Arizona who did an article for TI and then put it on the web. I met her at the Estrella War last year where she taught the class. This class is a recent addition to the other 2 planned classes and so rather than start from scratch - I asked permission.

Today I'm back to working on the project for my column. Had a problem with the patterned portion of the goldwork. I HATE counted work. It always gives me fits. Pulled out a few rows and hope that that will fix the problem. If not..... I'd like to take the piece as an example for the metal thread couching class. It isn't the best work I've done - something about deadlines, but it is okay. I want more done on it before I show it in class, so will focus on it today and tomorrow.

The class handouts are done. Will put the kits together tonight for a stitching break. Not looking forward to the 95 degree heat expected for A&S. The site is a nice park in Napa, but the heat......

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Needlepoint Now Column

After receiving some questions and google queries, wanted to update the listing for my column topics in Needlepoint Now.

• Sept/Oct 2004 - Voided Work/Not Just Assisi
Project - bookmark with pattern from 1546 - long arm cross stitch - pomegranates
• Nov/Dec 2004 - Needlepoint Furnishings/Canvaswork
Project - Elizabethan Oak Life Scissor Fob - tent stitch - pattern from a Hardwick Hall cushion
• Jan/Feb 2005 - Bargello
Project - Scissor Case with 2 sides - Flame Stitch and Hungarian Stitch - modified renaissance patterns
• March/April 2005 - Elizabethan Slips
Project - silk gauze briar rose slip - pattern from existing slip - tent stitch
• May/June 2005 - Blackwork Bands
Project - bookmark in double running from Quentel - courtesy of Linn Skinner
• July/ Aug 2005 - Blackwork Filling Patterns
Project - Dragonfly Needlecase - double running stitch - patterns courtesy of Linn Skinner from historic textiles
• Sept/Oct 2005 - Cross Stitch
Project - courtesy of Chris Laning - pincushion - patterns from Sens Pouch
• Nov/Dec 2005 - Pattern Darning
Project - altoids tin cover of Egyptian Pattern Darning - pattern from a 14th C. collar
• Jan/Feb 2006 - Opus Teutonicum and other counted thread German stitching
Project - small box/ornament of Congress Cloth - 6 patterns including pattern darning and satin stitching
• March/April 2006 - German Brick Stitch
Project - needlecase with 2 historic patterns joined to make "bands"
• May/June 2006 - Goldwork:Underside Couching
no project
• July/August 2006 - Goldwork -- a bit about the RSN classes in Perry
no project
• Sept/Oct 2006 - Goldwork:Surface and Pattern Couching
Project - 5"x5" square - part 1 with lines, couching instructions and 1st pattern
• Nov/Dec 2006 - Goldwork:Or Nue (tentatively)
Project continuation - 3 more patterns
• Jan/Feb 2007 - Goldwork:Metal Thread Gobelin (tentatively)
Project - TBD

Hope this answers some of the questions. If you would like to see a topic discussed, email me with the suggestion or leave it in the comment box for this blog.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

This is the year of catch up

Think this will be the year where all I'm trying to do is catch up. Managed with the help of Anne and Iulitta to finish the "kits" for the Kingdom Kneeling Carpets for June Crown. Managed to get all the yarn divided, the instructions done, individual charts printed, needles set out and did I say the yarn divided up (all 20 pounds of it) before Crown. The canvas was cut and taped onsite. With the help of the Darkwood Tapestry project panels being finished up, there were enough stretcher bars with the ones I had bought. Whew! Managed to hand out all the kits but one which was mailed off a few days later. Big check mark!

Spent the next week recovering, doing my EGA meeting thing, having guests, and cooking frantically for West An Tir War. Wish I had a little more time, as I really enjoy cooking, but not with a heavy time crunch. Anne and the husband helped make the first batch of Steak Soup which we froze. It makes 1.5 gallons of heavy ground meat stew with lots of veggies. Soup and bread make a good filling hot meal. Made another half batch since I was told I was feeding 12.

Also made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the dessert - yes a double batch - about 5 -6 dozen cookies. Then made the ground lamb handpies - love having the real batch of Moroccan spices. Added some fresh mint from my herb garden (yes new garden bit) and think it really brightened the flavors. Also make a batch of the chicken and herb handpies. Used a bunch of fresh herbs being a little heavy on the sage for the chicken pies. Cut up a cantalope and a jicama since we were expecting HOT!!!! weather. We got hot - 95 degrees. It made for a long weekend, even with the short war. Too hot to fight for longer than 4 hours.

Managed to get the Hawaiian Viking apron dress done. We all went to the King's dinner (payment for fighting for him - the Gryphons are mercenaries) dressed in Hawaiian garb and/or accoutraments. He had a very pained expression on his face when I was called into court before dinner and he saw my garb. He seemed to relent some when he realized that we only planned to do the garb and not anything to really embarrass him. Must say the dress looked really good on me. The dress has blue flowers so I pulled an old blue shell necklace out, along with a puka shell and coral necklace, and I had on parrot earrings. Fun! Hope someone got pictures.

Finalized and sent in my column (Surface Couching and Pattern Couching) on my return. Spent the 4th finalizing the project instructions and one of the patterns. Now I'm frantically stitching. I've promised the next 3 patterns with the next column - Or Nue. Love doing Goldwork. Maybe I'm just into bling!

Went to see the Royal Lippizaner Stallion show yesterday. I've been wanting to see them for years. Unfortunately this show is a US version and not affiliated with the Spanish School in Vienna. They had at least 8 Lippizaners and they did some wonderful manuvers and 2 of the Airs Above the Ground - mounted and unmounted. A good show - even if they didn't do everything I wanted to see.

Also stopped and bought the husband his birthday present - a titanium watch, on the way down. Hadn't wanted to get it without his trying it on first. It is his 45th birthday on the 16th. On the 20th we will have been together 10 years -- it seems like yesterday and it seems like it has always been this way. It is rare to have what we have -- love that is so deep as to go to the core of our beings. I treasure it and count myself lucky every day.