Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I've been bad

Since most of my recent time has been spent on SCA stuff I've been posting mostly on LJ. You can find me there on another Broider Barones.

Life has been hectic -- too hectic. No time for stitching. It seems I really need to have relax time in order to stitch. Either that or a deadline. There doesn't seem to have been an in between lately.

I have been very bad on the stash enhancement side :) Costume Con resulted in LOTS of buttons. There was an antique/vintage button lady and another booth with a big double shoe box of large vintage buttons - 10 cents each. Think I have enough for lots of buttons on my CQ projects. Love the look of beads and buttons on CQ.

Joady of Hedgehog Handworks was there. I resisted most of the books since I've been on a buying spree lately. However she had lots of fun threads - soie platt, the new thread from Golden Threads - a silk and metal blend, "cheap gold couching threads from B&J, etc. I'm so bad that my meager purchases netted me one of her new cool tote bags. I've used her old ones to bits - large enough to hold a project on frame and lap frame, plus. Her new ones have a place for water bottle, outside zippered pocket for tools, and main pocket. Not a spacious as the old one, but a really good airport tote style.

I also went to Madonna Needleworks in Morgan Hill. The EGA chapter had invited me down to do my history of embroidery slide lecture. Since I was right there.... The store is primarily set out by color. The owner also was the one to introduce the "xmas lights" and made it really fun to play with the new threads. Needless to say another bag of goodies accompanied me home.

That all with the haul from Vanessa's going out of business sale (well it was 50% off....) makes my stash organization -- lets just say there isn't any any more.

The next few weeks include the EGA Regional Seminar in June at Asilomar followed by June Crown and West AnTir War. I am in charge of classes at the war. We are doing 3 tracks on 2 of the days and a solar on the first day's afternoon. I need to prep my classes (Bayeux stitch and then backup for a couple other teachers - wire work, viking embroidery, etc.) and get lots of my white wool spun for the dyeing classes. It should be lots of fun (all except the camping part :). There will be stitching and fiber arts. I'll try and check in time permitting.