Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Books I Like and Use

First apologies. I had planned to do a book a month and here it is nearly the end of 2 months since the last post.

When I need to look at a stitch or how a stitch is worked I tend to look in a particular book first -- Mrs. Archibald Christie's Samplers and Stitches. It has been republished many times and is easily available for less than $25. First published in 1920, it has over 240 diagrams and pictures of stitches. Each stitch has a how to diagram and many have a how to use diagram as well. For each stitch she discusses how it was used historically and if there are specific patterns that it works well with, those are mentioned and diagramed as well. It is my "go to" book for stitches.

The one problem I find with the book, is that the stitches are set out in families. If I don't know what family a stitch is in, then I hope that the Index will help me find the stitch. Mostly this works, but I have spent a bit of time searching. Still, when I found the stitch in another book, I still go back and look it up in Christie.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time Sure Does Fly Fast

It seems that I have done nothing but run fast during the last month. First the EGA Board Meeting. Spun during the meeting since there was lots going on. You can find EGA now on LJ and soon on Facebook. We are looking at doing You Tube and Podcasts too -- we are entering the 21st C. Hurrah!!!!

Then 2010 meetings -- EGA's National Seminar is in San Francisco in 2010. The official seminar is Labor Day through Fri but we will have lots of things happening starting on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend - Sept 4/5 plus 6-10. Save your $$. The class list is -- well let us just say that there are so many wonderful classes that I am going to find a hard time choosing.

Then March Crown. Did manage to get my service project finished in time. I can't show pics because it is a secret until Beltane. Of course I used silk. Of course I used metal thread :)

Aside from the cold wind it was a nice event. The meeting went well. The class on Demystifying Needles and Threads went okay. At least everyone at some point had the clue light go on -- I'll take it. The Arachne's Web meeting was small but then lace is not everyone's thing. Needleworkers and Arachne's Web are cohosting the A&S pavilion at June Crown and I am taking point on this. I have 2 assistants too!

On the needlework front - finally figured out how to do the Swarovski Bead Ball fobs. The instructions I had received were not clear, but finally with some help from looking at a completed one and a online video - I made mine.

Off now to do taxes - blech! I do have a book sitting here for the "book review blog". Hope I can get to it later this week.