Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Books I Like and Use

First apologies. I had planned to do a book a month and here it is nearly the end of 2 months since the last post.

When I need to look at a stitch or how a stitch is worked I tend to look in a particular book first -- Mrs. Archibald Christie's Samplers and Stitches. It has been republished many times and is easily available for less than $25. First published in 1920, it has over 240 diagrams and pictures of stitches. Each stitch has a how to diagram and many have a how to use diagram as well. For each stitch she discusses how it was used historically and if there are specific patterns that it works well with, those are mentioned and diagramed as well. It is my "go to" book for stitches.

The one problem I find with the book, is that the stitches are set out in families. If I don't know what family a stitch is in, then I hope that the Index will help me find the stitch. Mostly this works, but I have spent a bit of time searching. Still, when I found the stitch in another book, I still go back and look it up in Christie.


Elmsley Rose said...

Thankyou Sabrina.

This book was already on my 'highest' listing on my Amazon wishlist, but your comment "discusses historical usage" has just nudged it a little bit higher than that!

Elmsley Rose said...

OK - I just bought it! $AU23 from Amazon, including postage.

I'm happy :-)

Thankyou again for the review to bring this book to the forefront of my thougts.