Thursday, February 04, 2010

I made Sheep

Backstory -- a couple weeks ago I was tooling around the blogs and discovered a needle felting challenge put out by Shannon at Kenleigh's Fiber Studio. I have wanted to try needlefelting and she made it so easy with a kit, simple project, and instructions. Received the kit about a week ago and last night I put needle to felt.

Please welcome Sheepsie, the newest addition to my animal collection. After posing for me to photograph, she went around visiting the other animals in the collection.The variety of plants was a bit baffling to her, but she had to try them all out for size and taste.She even offered to travel around with me in my pocket to various fiber events.At present she is mulling over whether she wants to have siblings or just be a one of a kind. I've told her that maybe, since I let her keep her tail, I should give her a black faced sheep, like we saw in England to keep her company. Time will tell.