Monday, May 16, 2005

Quick Note

Just a quick note to say I'm back. Tired after getting up in Rome at 4 am for a 4:45am pickup - 3 hours at the airport before boarding - 3 hour flight to London. 3 hour layover - at least it was supposed to be but we left Rome and hour late (when they had us all boarded they spent an hour shifting luggage to balance the plane). London to SFO - immigration, customs and home. + 9 hour time change. Slept a bit and did urgent things. I have mundane work the rest of this week and we needed to do all the chore stuff from being gone so long.

Hope you have enjoyed the trip log. Will work on finishing it and loading all the other pictures in the next couple weeks. Shot over a 1000 pictures this trip.

As for needlework projects - did some of the knitting on the port days in the evening to quiet down before bed. All the relaxing time was up front and I was working on the next column piece when I wasn't participating in their craft projects. The next issue of Needlepoint Now is hitting the news stands. I'm pleased with the article.

More soon when my brain returns.