Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Time to Start the Holiday Cheer

Yesterday was the EGA installation and luncheon. Lots of good eats from all the ladies for the potluck. So now I'm it. Fortunately I have a good crew of officers and committee chair. Need to write the Presidents Column today.

After the meeting went to arrange for the next workshop. One of the ladies has an in at a quilting shop - Always Quilting. The owner is going to do a full day workshop for us - Crazy for Color. We will be doing a small pillow size crazy quilt piece as an exercise in learning more about color theory. Should be lots of fun. I've been putting off doing any crazy quilting because I know I will get hooked in and then....

Stopped on the way home to do the main holiday shopping. I'm cooking only for 4 but still need/want to do all the trimmings. Will pickup the fresh turkey this morning. Managed to get the husband to do the cranberry relish and whole berry the other night while I cooked dinner. Tried a new recipe for roasted cauliflower handpies with hazelnut and machego. They were rich, but very good.

So here is hoping you have a great holiday with friends and family!

You're a Glass of Wine!

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Juggling Again

Juggling the holidays.
Juggling the embroidery projects - think pearls, lots of pearls.
Juggling the business and ebay and Amazon - it is the holiday rush after all.
Juggling the needs of the organizations I belong to including being intalled tomorrow as my EGA Chapter's President.

And just to be silly:

France Modern (trois fleurs-de-lis)
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existentialism or nihilism, depending on the
weather. You have a certain appreciation for
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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Would you believe this???

What Race of Middle Earth Do You Belong To?

Tired but pleased. Spent the last couple days with friends learning more about Reticella from Diane Clements. Always good to learn from a master. While I seriously doubt that I'll ever do the full sampler project, it has some pattern instruction for a couple difficult stitches. I've played with the stitches and worked on compensating bits, but she has some good directions for flow and compensation. An added plus to the class.

Now off to relax and rest the abused hands, arms, shoulder... so I can do more stitching tomorrow.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Column

Have received a couple emails about my column with questions about what magazine and the topics. So here is a list of the articles in Needlepoint Now:

Sept/Oct 2004 - Voided Work/Not Just Assisi
Project - bookmark with pattern from 1546 - long arm cross stitch - pomegranates

Nov/Dec 2004 - Needlepoint Furnishings/Canvaswork
Project - Elizabethan Oak Life Scissor Fob - tent stitch - pattern from a Hardwicke Hall cushion

Jan/Feb 2005 - Bargello
Project - Scissor Case with 2 sides - Flame Stitch and Hungarian Stitch - modified renaissance patterns

March/April 2005 - Elizabethan Slips
Project - silk gauze briar rose slip - pattern from existing slip - tent stitch

May/June 2005 - Blackwork Bands
Project - bookmark in double running from Quentel - courtesy of Linn Skinner

July/ Aug 2005 - Blackwork Filling Patterns
Project - Dragonfly Needlecase - double running stitch - patterns courtesy of Linn Skinner from historic textiles

Sept/Oct 2005 - Cross Stitch
Project - courtesy of Chris Laning - pincushion - patterns from Sens Pouch

Nov/Dec 2005 - Pattern Darning (on the stands now)
Project - altoids tin cover of Egyptian Pattern Darning - pattern from a 14th C. collar

Jan/Feb 2006 - Opus Teutonicum and other counted thread German stitching
Project - small box/ornament of Congress Cloth - 6 patterns including pattern darning and satin stitching

March/April 2006 - German Brick Stitch (tentatively)
Project - TBD

Thanks for all the support. Now back to stitching my prework for a class with Diane Clements on Reticella.