Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sooooo Much to Share

Just got back from Estrella. For those not in the SCA - Estrella is a park in Goodyear (25 miles west of Pheonix) Arizona. It is also a WAR!!!! But when we go to war we have classes, war scenarios, archery, dog/hunt scenarios, rapier, merchants (lots of merchants), food merchants, entertainment, etc. The site is large and around 3000 people congregate. Most camp - we used a motel (something about possible below freezing nights and hot days -- not to mention having hot showers without waiting in line).

Drove south in 2 stages Tuesday/Wednesday. Thursday I took classes in needlelace, Viking chain knitting (I'm hooked!!!!) and taught beginning Blackwork. Friday I took Brocaded Tablet Weaving and how to make an Italian Beaded Caul (that hair net thing you see in the paintings). Saturday I taught Beginning Blackwork again. In between I shopped, ate, watched the husband on the battlefield, enjoyed the music of the wandering minstrels Wolgemut, visited with friends and made new ones. It rained. Let me say it again. It rained. We decided that it was best to pull our stuff out Saturday afternoon before the heavy rain and were glad we did. The drive home via LA was nasty at times. Even so -- it was a good war. Yes I'll post some pics on the website.

Managed to finish the article on pulled work for the Guild newsletter before we left. Long article with lots of pics. Choose the project for the column. Need to get that article written this week. Finally finished getting over THE BUG! I haven't been that sick for years.

Went to my first regional EGA meeting. I was warmly welcomed by those who have had me in as a teacher, but boy do they have some wierd ways of doing things. The meeting was supposed to be a training for new board members. They did give lots of good information on how to do the job, but NO information on the culture and philosopy of EGA. They make a very big presumption that you know the organization - wrong! If I am supposed to be its future, they need to change the "training" because otherwise it is little more than a clique and not my cup of tea.

Now to find my desk and clear it so I can write the next Needlepoint Now article - Needlework Bands