Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Right Tools - Mellore for Goldwork

Mellore -- This tool is used primarily in traditional goldwork. When you need to nudge a thread into place, use the mellore. When you need to make the stiff gold bend into a nice tight turn, use the mellore. When you need to straighten a recalcitrant thread, use the mellore.

The sharp point can be used like an awl but mostly the edges of the mellore are used to persuade the stiff metal threads to behave. The edges are gently curved to allow the persuasion without damaging the fragile metal threads.

My mellore is from the Royal School and is sterling silver. I had a hole drilled in the end to allow me to put a lanyard through to attach it to my kit. I also had it engraved with my initials; as a class room full of mellores can lead to them wandering around. It is my third hand and my goldwork would not be the same without it.