Monday, March 29, 2004

Finally Close - & more running in circles

Spent lots of time this weekend doing the model stitching. It takes bloody forever and of course I found a mistake and now need to fix it. If it was just for me, I would not bother, but since it is supposed to be in a national magazine... (slow grin - yes I'll post details when it hits the streets -- sometimes the best "revenge" is just to ignore the rest of the world and do your own thing).

The husband was wonderful this weekend. He decided he did not like the fact that I was frustrated with my blogs and so not having fun with them. He spent a couple hours last night "fixing" my blogs. He is a programmer, but not familiar with CSS - but through trial and error he did it. Hurrah!

Will be teaching Reticella on April 10th. Since I have 6 very hungry students coming, guess I better get the handout done. Started this weekend pulling books and information. I get a bit frustrated as lots of reticella is identfied, but it is more by style than strict definition. I keep finding that when I do research - you get generalizations based on the style of something rather than the actual stitching or needlemovements. So the first thing is always to define what I'm talking about. Of course not everyone agrees, but at least I can focus my words.

Always wish I had more time to stitch. There is a couple fun projects pulling at me, but need to get stuff done that I've already committed to do. So, back to clearing my desk so I can focus.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

My new Blog

Today I started my alternate blog - a non-needlework one. I've tried adding the link, but it if doesn't work Musings. Enjoy

Friday, March 26, 2004

Model Stitching - Blech!!

Warning grump mode on --
Why is it that when you have finished working on a piece, you are tired of it? I'm tired of it and I'm in the middle of stitching the model. I hate being picky to make sure I follow the pattern. It is borrrrrrrrrrrrring to do counted cross stitch - yes I know some people love it. That is why I did this piece, but that does not mean I have to enjoy it. Yes I'll enjoy the finished version. It looks really good already, but I'm not enjoying the process. And there is nothing good on tv the last few nights/afternoons to take my mind off of it. I need to stitch in spurts. When I stitch for long periods of time I get tennis elbow (sigh). Guess I'll put in Pride and Prejudice - 6 hours. At least the dialogue will be interesting - the words in most of the programs lately hasn't been. ---
Grump mode off.

Monday, March 22, 2004

Good Friends and Lots of Info

It was a great weekend. Linn came up to give a class in Or Nue. Blew the students away with the wonderful pics from Libby of Cats Paw Designs. Totally eliminated all the myths that we had been taught about Or Nue and gave us a great understanding - thread by thread of how it really was done in the Middle Ages.

Maeve came down from Olympia to cook and hang out. We ate well. Played lots. Learned even more. And never stopped talking except to stitch all weekend. It was a great weekend.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

Running in 5, no 6 different directions at once

Ever have those days where you want to do 5 things, need to do 4 different things, and only get 2 things - not on either list done. Well it is not that bad, but it feels that way. Lost in a sea of confusion. So what do I do - I stitch. Not what I'm supposed to - the model. But I've been stitching on the Crazy Patch Bargello piece. Fortunately it is a big piece and I can work on it for awhile longer.

Crown was good - even with the frustrations. We had 8 guilds do stuff, plus the competitions, plus, plus..... Generated lots of interest and saw lots of light bulbs go on in people's minds. Feels good. Crown was hot - in the high 70's/low 80's, but it felt hotter. Didn't cool much at night either. Was invited to attend a feast - a 25th anniversary. Laughed a lot. Good food. Lots of old "friends".

Tonight Maeve comes down from Oregon - hurrah. She is one of the people I really enjoy being around. And then tomorrow, Linn Skinner arrives. We will toodle around to a couple of the LNS before heading home via a gourmet food store or 2. Maeve is a fabulous cook and has offered to cook for this weekend. Nothing scheduled for Saturday, but on Sunday Linn is giving a class on Or Nue. Several of us are really excited about this. While the technique is basically couching gold thread down with silk, it is the placement and coloration of the silk that makes the picture while the gold gives it the "omph". This was done primarily on church garments in the middle ages. For pictures check out the Golden Fleece vestments. I'm so looking forward to having 2 of my favorite people here for a long weekend.

Watched a program with Barbara Sher last night. She talks about finding out what makes you happy - testing everything with a Happiness Index - 10 = bliss. Then identify what about something makes you happy. Once you have idenitifed those items, you can then fashion your life around achieving more of them. And yes there are always obstacles, but there are also ways around them - and let your friends/acquaintances help. Think I"ll give it a try.

Many years ago, I saw a quote/goal that I really related to. I wrote it down, printed it out and put it where I could see it every day. 3 years later I had met my goal and then some. Wishes do come true.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Model Stitching

Grumble Grumble Grumble - decided I didn't like the original piece I graphed for the model - too much detail for the Voided Work to look right. Found another one I liked better. When I originally graphed it, I did it without corrections for the "registration" being off. So spent time with the dratted graphing program (yes I am still using the old one - haven't had time to learn the new one, much less on the husband's PC) fixing the registration so it is the mirror image it is supposed to be. Then off to stitch the model.

I want the piece to be something the magazine's audience will want to pick up and do. Something that looks like fun, is easy, and practical -- result - a bookmark. Actually a commercially available aida bookmark so all you have to do is the stitching. Also I'm doing it in cross stitch - not my favorite thing to do. Not a lot of fun - but needs to get done. Hope they print the article after all the hard work.

Meanwhile off to March Crown (SCA event) for a long weekend. Of course, since I'm doing stuff, it is a 3 ring circus - well actually 6 pavilions worth of stuff to be coordinated. The weather is cooperatating. The field was under 2' of water after the rains, but it has been dry and even hot the last 10 days so expect it not to be muddy -- and the site has real grass.

Back to model stitching - no more procrastination.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Paperwork - Why Does It Always Have to be Paperwork!

It seems like the paperwork never ends - it is tax time so there is that paperwork. I run a needlework guild, so there is that paperwork. The mailman brings a box full of paper every or everyother day - not a small box, but a 3" x 10" shelf worth - time 2 - the PO and the house mail which is a block away. It was primary time so there was all the campaign advertising. And the list goes on. I'd really like to find my desk some day.

Been trying to stitch each evening on the bargello sampler. It is fun stitching, but hardwork designing. Of course it isn't what I should be concentrating on, but...

Did manage to get one column written - I'll post here when it gets printed. And then there is the work of getting all the graphics together - not paperwork, but system work. I'm not sure which is worse. It does make it hard to be creative.

Now back to work - I'd rather be stitching.