Thursday, March 04, 2004

Paperwork - Why Does It Always Have to be Paperwork!

It seems like the paperwork never ends - it is tax time so there is that paperwork. I run a needlework guild, so there is that paperwork. The mailman brings a box full of paper every or everyother day - not a small box, but a 3" x 10" shelf worth - time 2 - the PO and the house mail which is a block away. It was primary time so there was all the campaign advertising. And the list goes on. I'd really like to find my desk some day.

Been trying to stitch each evening on the bargello sampler. It is fun stitching, but hardwork designing. Of course it isn't what I should be concentrating on, but...

Did manage to get one column written - I'll post here when it gets printed. And then there is the work of getting all the graphics together - not paperwork, but system work. I'm not sure which is worse. It does make it hard to be creative.

Now back to work - I'd rather be stitching.

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