Monday, March 29, 2004

Finally Close - & more running in circles

Spent lots of time this weekend doing the model stitching. It takes bloody forever and of course I found a mistake and now need to fix it. If it was just for me, I would not bother, but since it is supposed to be in a national magazine... (slow grin - yes I'll post details when it hits the streets -- sometimes the best "revenge" is just to ignore the rest of the world and do your own thing).

The husband was wonderful this weekend. He decided he did not like the fact that I was frustrated with my blogs and so not having fun with them. He spent a couple hours last night "fixing" my blogs. He is a programmer, but not familiar with CSS - but through trial and error he did it. Hurrah!

Will be teaching Reticella on April 10th. Since I have 6 very hungry students coming, guess I better get the handout done. Started this weekend pulling books and information. I get a bit frustrated as lots of reticella is identfied, but it is more by style than strict definition. I keep finding that when I do research - you get generalizations based on the style of something rather than the actual stitching or needlemovements. So the first thing is always to define what I'm talking about. Of course not everyone agrees, but at least I can focus my words.

Always wish I had more time to stitch. There is a couple fun projects pulling at me, but need to get stuff done that I've already committed to do. So, back to clearing my desk so I can focus.

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