Thursday, March 18, 2004

Running in 5, no 6 different directions at once

Ever have those days where you want to do 5 things, need to do 4 different things, and only get 2 things - not on either list done. Well it is not that bad, but it feels that way. Lost in a sea of confusion. So what do I do - I stitch. Not what I'm supposed to - the model. But I've been stitching on the Crazy Patch Bargello piece. Fortunately it is a big piece and I can work on it for awhile longer.

Crown was good - even with the frustrations. We had 8 guilds do stuff, plus the competitions, plus, plus..... Generated lots of interest and saw lots of light bulbs go on in people's minds. Feels good. Crown was hot - in the high 70's/low 80's, but it felt hotter. Didn't cool much at night either. Was invited to attend a feast - a 25th anniversary. Laughed a lot. Good food. Lots of old "friends".

Tonight Maeve comes down from Oregon - hurrah. She is one of the people I really enjoy being around. And then tomorrow, Linn Skinner arrives. We will toodle around to a couple of the LNS before heading home via a gourmet food store or 2. Maeve is a fabulous cook and has offered to cook for this weekend. Nothing scheduled for Saturday, but on Sunday Linn is giving a class on Or Nue. Several of us are really excited about this. While the technique is basically couching gold thread down with silk, it is the placement and coloration of the silk that makes the picture while the gold gives it the "omph". This was done primarily on church garments in the middle ages. For pictures check out the Golden Fleece vestments. I'm so looking forward to having 2 of my favorite people here for a long weekend.

Watched a program with Barbara Sher last night. She talks about finding out what makes you happy - testing everything with a Happiness Index - 10 = bliss. Then identify what about something makes you happy. Once you have idenitifed those items, you can then fashion your life around achieving more of them. And yes there are always obstacles, but there are also ways around them - and let your friends/acquaintances help. Think I"ll give it a try.

Many years ago, I saw a quote/goal that I really related to. I wrote it down, printed it out and put it where I could see it every day. 3 years later I had met my goal and then some. Wishes do come true.

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