Thursday, March 11, 2004

Model Stitching

Grumble Grumble Grumble - decided I didn't like the original piece I graphed for the model - too much detail for the Voided Work to look right. Found another one I liked better. When I originally graphed it, I did it without corrections for the "registration" being off. So spent time with the dratted graphing program (yes I am still using the old one - haven't had time to learn the new one, much less on the husband's PC) fixing the registration so it is the mirror image it is supposed to be. Then off to stitch the model.

I want the piece to be something the magazine's audience will want to pick up and do. Something that looks like fun, is easy, and practical -- result - a bookmark. Actually a commercially available aida bookmark so all you have to do is the stitching. Also I'm doing it in cross stitch - not my favorite thing to do. Not a lot of fun - but needs to get done. Hope they print the article after all the hard work.

Meanwhile off to March Crown (SCA event) for a long weekend. Of course, since I'm doing stuff, it is a 3 ring circus - well actually 6 pavilions worth of stuff to be coordinated. The weather is cooperatating. The field was under 2' of water after the rains, but it has been dry and even hot the last 10 days so expect it not to be muddy -- and the site has real grass.

Back to model stitching - no more procrastination.

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