Sunday, December 05, 2004

Lots Happening But Little Stitching

Can't believe it is already Dec 5th. Despite the cold I've been running fast - finished my next column just before Thanksgiving and did a proof of it last week. Then along came guests and food and food and cooking and food and cooking. Not really complaining. It went well and I love the food and family feeling of Thanksgiving. The cold has hung on and on, but most days I've managed to get stuff done.

My honey took me to the holiday Gem and Jewelry Show. There is one in Sept and one in November so it makes it easier for him to find gifts for me (big grin). This one had lots of neat textile things for purchase so did the rest of my 12th Night shopping too.

This last week has been running fast between Jury Duty, annual doctors appointments, car servicing, and trying to rent and prepare for renting the building I just purchased. Only 3 units, but.... This was my first foray into Jury Duty. I didn't get chosen but did have to sit through 2 days of jury voir dire on a case I'm sure I would have been bounced for too many apparent (not actual) bias/conflicts. The people watching was really quite interesting, but I was on tender hooks while waiting. You see - I am supposed to hear a case this week and the jury case was supposed to go for 2 whole weeks. Being an arbitrator assigned to a case is not sufficient as a "hardship" cause under the law, so I waited. -- FYI the origin of the term "tender hooks" is a mispronounciation for tenter hooks which were used since early history to stretch/square up cloth.

With the building, I've been doing a lot of typing, preparing all the forms needed to rent/lease the units. I could have purchased some predone, but I didn't feel that they were adequate for my needs -- so says the former regulatory compliance officer. So type or stitch. I'd rather be stitching, but...

I've also gotten a jump on my plan to put stuff up for sale. I'm feeling crowded with the too much stuff syndrome so have begun the weeding process. Of course not the STASH, but other stuff that needs to go to new homes. Ebay is the main focus for this venture, but there will be other avenues for some of the large and specialty pieces. But it all takes time. Lots of time.

Hope to do some stitching this week. My next column is percolating and I need to get it done this month. Sigh - never enough time to play.