Sunday, September 14, 2008

Louisville - EGA National Plus IEC and more - Long

The trip to Louisville went by very fast. There was a lot to do and absorb. Sorry I didn't manage to post during the trip.

First off - going to Louisville requires changing plans. For me this was in Chicago and included changing concourses and several flights of stairs carrying heavy carry on luggage. I am glad I kept it all with me as there were thefts with "cabin checked luggage" from another flight.

Lovely hotel. The Hyatt really went out of their way to do everything to make every one's stay special. We were on the 4th floor near the elevators which made for easy movement most of the time. The hotel was filled to capacity between EGA and the triathlon in town.

HQ is around the corner and 1 block from the Hyatt. Spent the better part of Wed and Thursday there in meetings. Did manage to visit the galleries and library. The exhibition, Through the Needle's Eye is spectacular. I had lots of reservations when I was stitching on the National Tapestry project, but the final is very moving and well done.

Thursday evening, Friday, and Saturday was the IEC - International Embroidery Conference. It was great to see Linn, meet Joanna and Sally, and spend time luxuriating in a slightly more rarefied atmosphere relating to needlework. Unfortunately, Edward Maeder was absent in person, but he did send his talks. I was also disappointed in C. Trostman's talk - it was all regurgatated reading and had no enthusiasm. Sally gives good lecture, so enjoyed the one on the 17th C embroidery. Pam G talked about creativity and how to engender it. YES!!!!! Enjoyed seeing the work of the children around the world. It restores my faith in the next generations when it comes to embroidery.

It felt good to get out and walk the .5 miles to the Brown for the IEC. We also discovered a very good sushi restaurant which really helped me keep to foods that work for me.

Sat evening was the dinner cruise on the Star of Louisville. We managed to get stuck in the mud but did pull free in time to pick up the remaining passengers. There were about 50 of us. Dinner was quite edible, the conversation fun, and the views interesting. Think we did better than those that went on the Belle cruise later in the week.

Sunday I started with Bellflowers in Rozashi with Margaret Kinsey. I LIKE Rozashi. Lightly twisted silk on silk gauze done in stylized patterns of an upright stitch. The key is making even holes as you stitch. The "beauty" is in the holes not just the lay of the silk. My pulled work techniques held me in good stead.

Raced back to the room to change for the Legacy Reception and Opening Reception. Talked with some ladies from east and west coast chapters about seminar and EGA. Of course in all of this I was trying to learn about other areas and their ways of doing as well as promoting the National Seminar in 2010 (San Francisco).

Opening banquet was seating by Region. The favor was a bracelet with a 50th Anniversary charm. Food okay. About 900 attended the evening. The guest speaker was Marion Scoular who talked about her beginnings in embroidery, her training, and teaching. I will never forget how to swear Marion style -- SPINACH!

Monday-Tuesday, Thursday-Friday I signed up for Renaissance with Marnie Ritter. I had originally signed up for Goldwork with Michelle Roberts but her classes cancelled. I am so not a counted canvas person. Love the colors. Learned about some new threads. Learned some fun patterns. Frogged lots!

Attended lots of meetings and events -- Annual Meeting of Members, joined NETA and attended its meeting, Teachers Showcase, the Auction, and Merchandise day. Spent $$$ between the bookstore, the merchandise emporium, and the Merchandise day. Found books that are not easily accessible, fibers I hadn't seen before or I need for upcoming teaching gigs, and then there were the ladies from Italy. Vima had brought over a lacemaker and a weaver. Their goods were for sale on Wednesday. Could not resist some pieces in the style of the perugia linens. The Assisi pieces and the reticella pieces were too expensive for me to justify - sigh!

Wednesday was my needlelace Rose class with Jane Ellen Balzelweit. Only 8 in the class and she was lots of fun. We used silknpearl from Thread Gatherer - fun thread, fun technique. Someone in the class was very sick, in considerate, and proceeded to spend the day sneezing and coughing (yes I came home sick).

The live auction was a hoot! I restrained myself and didn't even get a bidder number. They had a professional auction house running it and Judy Jeroy as commentator. It was so much fun that the auctioneer was laughing so hard he had tears running down his face.

Closing banquet was by chosen tables. Our gift was a pair of in expensive stork scissors in a leather case with EGA in gold tooling. The speaker was the bugler from Churchill Downs. He had done the call to post in the opening banquet too. He was fun and entertaining.

Flights home were uneventful. My books made my carry on HEAVY, but I managed to make it home with everything. Many used the UPS booth provided by the Seminar. Thanks to my roommate for putting up with me for 13 days. For the final good news - I lost 3 pounds!