Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 in Fiber

It has been an interesting fiber year. Learned lots - good and frustrating, but overall really fun!

Fiber should be fun in my opinion. If it isn't then find something else to do with your time and energies. Each technique is not for everyone, but if it adds to your knowledge... At least that is why I try lots of new things. Some come easier to the hands, but each adds to my knowledge base in different ways.

Not a lot of embroidery this year. I find that the energy that goes into administrative work is the same that goes into a project. I've planned lots of embroidery projects this year, but that seems to be a different part of the brain for me.

Drop Spindle Spinning - finished off one skein and worked on a 2nd. Took the 2nd half of it around with me to a couple damp events... sigh... now I need to pull strips and do a bulky since it seems to have felted itself. Need to learn plying next. Will probably just knit with 2 threads for the skein I finished or do something that calls for finer yarn.

Felting - loved doing the needle felting project at the beginning of the year. Bought some roving to do more at some point. I have some very (as in way tooooo heavy) felted wool that might make up into a nice bag with needle felted design - hmmmm

Weaving - card woven silk trim for my newest Viking. Also did some weaving in the round. Not all the pieces are here since they were gifted earlier this year. Fun and mindless - good for going to meetings and keeping the fingers busy.

Knitting - loved the knitted bag project. Learned lots! Have most of a 2nd one done. Will felt them at the same time when the 2nd one is done.
Finished knitting my hat and wore it in Alaska. Kept my head nice and warm.
Finished 1 of the medieval socks and am about 1/3 through the 2nd one. The first sock fits well - hurrah!!
The lacey knit shawl has been on hold. It takes brain power to do the pattern right.
Finished by first scarf (not shown) -- tired of yarn overs and fighting with a "fancy" yarn.
Knitted the first of 2 fingerless mitts. Working my way down in size of dpns, adding in stitches, and adapting patterns to "fit" the yarn and me. Finally got the knit stitch cast on to even out nicely.

Naalbinding - finally finished my hat. Also did a hat for Will. He loves wearing his -- all nice and warm. Think I will try to do matching fingerless mitts for my hat.

Thank-you to all who helped hold my hand through the learning processes. Having fiber in my hands makes for a happy me. Will be looking at Stitches West and other events to grow my knowledge (and stash :).

Hope to do more stitching in 2011. I am signed up for several fiber and stitching workshops. Also have several projects mentally designed that I'd like to make and perhaps teach (CQ in particular).

Wishing you all a happy healthy fun and creative 2011.