Monday, August 18, 2008

TaDa The Butterfly

Been watching the Olympics, prepping for Purgatorio/Pelican celebration, EGA Louisville trip, return to teach at IKINS (Elizabethan Raised Stitches - 4 hours), step up as EGA Region Director, and teach the October program for my local EGA chapter. They wanted an Intro to Goldwork -- hence the butterfly. Sorry for the lousy picture. He is about 3" tall.

The basic butterfly is part of the Callaway challenge - fyi.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Art Meme - Long

Meme from a friend on LJ

Do I do art? It has been a long hard road for me to think about what I do as art. When other well recognized artists liked my stuff and I started to be paid for my creations, only then did I begin to see myself as creating something that can be called art. This is a big hurdle most of us face as hobbyists.

1) What drives you to create? Also, what inspires you and your work?
I create because I need to. I am unhappy in myself when I don't. Inspiration comes from many sources - nature, a new thread I want to use, some new technique I want to try.

2) Were you formally trained in art or self taught? Do you think it has helped you or hindered you?
Primarily self taught. It hindered in that I needed skills to do needlework. Taking classes filled the need. However, most of my design is self taught. In class I might learn how a painter would look at something, but applying it to needlework, has been primarily me with lots of outside influences.

3) Do you have a ritual, quirk or superstition that influences you and the way you create?
I create best in my corner of the world.

4) What media do you work in the most? Do you have a particular brand that you love working with? Why do you use them?
Embroidery is my primary medium, although I love the Encrusted Crazy Quilting (see, and nearly all things string. I love silk threads - the touch and the sheen. I love a good needle and buy them constantly. I have a lots of embroidery scissors - one for each project - they are just fun and I need excuses to use them!

5) As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? And now?
I wanted to work with the law in a corporate environment. Did that - got the tee shirt. Now I want to be free to play with all things string.

6) If there was one style of art that you could take up, what would it be?
Dance. I love dance. I'd really like to get back to it.

7) Do you think the internet, technology, media, etc, are helping or destroying the art world?
Helping. Look at ATC's. Look at the spread of information. I can, and have, helped embroiderers all over the world. It is why I maintain a website with the information that I would have liked to have had when I started. It is my way of giving and the internet made it possible.

8) How do you deal with creator's block?
Put nose to grind stone and do it. You can only create so far in your head or on the computer. Everything changes when you put needle to fabric. If I really can't get it going, I'll look at lots of websites and books with similar concepts or themes to get the juices flowing. I also try to always leave the needle threaded with the next thread. Then I only need to sit down to stitch. It is already to go.

9) How do you prepare for art shows where your work will be shown?
With a big deep breath. Everything is collected in one place 24 hours before. I add in anything that I think might make it show better - table clothes, something to raise the angle, etc. I try to prepare for all the variables before the set up. Once I am set up - I let go and try to enjoy the interaction.

10) At what point did you realize that creating was going to be a large part of your life?
About 5 years ago. I offered to help a mover and shaker in the field with getting pictures for a presentation. I didn't know she was a big wig, I just knew she was missing resources for a lecture and I knew about the resources. She turned to me and asked me to write a series of columns for her magazine. I said sure. It turned out that I wrote 18 columns over 3 years and it was a magazine with an international circulation. Part of the columns were projects for the readers to do.

11) What was your worst experience with art?
my own fault - not being fully prepared to teach

12) What was you best experience with art?
having people like and appreciate my art - each time is special

13) How would you define your style?

14) What does your workspace look like?
jumbled - I tend to work on the couch. I try to spread the key elements and tools on the coffee table or a tray on the coffee table so I can just grab the next thing I need without a lot of thought. I know part of my mind is working on the design and it works best if I don't try to over think.

15) Aside from art what do you do with your time?
Arbitration and Facilitation, work on administration for a not-for-profit, work on my family history projects/books, spend time checking up on friends on LJ, doing various forms of re/enactment and dance, and spending time with my wonderful husband and felines.