Monday, August 18, 2008

TaDa The Butterfly

Been watching the Olympics, prepping for Purgatorio/Pelican celebration, EGA Louisville trip, return to teach at IKINS (Elizabethan Raised Stitches - 4 hours), step up as EGA Region Director, and teach the October program for my local EGA chapter. They wanted an Intro to Goldwork -- hence the butterfly. Sorry for the lousy picture. He is about 3" tall.

The basic butterfly is part of the Callaway challenge - fyi.


Linn said...

It's very hard to come up with a teaching design that incorporates all the techniques you want to cover isn't it?

Sabrina said...

yes. It is even harder when you know you want to do something (in this case a butterfly) and then you need to figure out the balance. I have 2 hours for this class so the techniques need to be limited. They will not finish in class, but I think they can finish this at home. They seemed to like it. I have 6 signed up already.