Saturday, February 28, 2009

Running Fast Again

Here is the pic from the Art Guild newsletter. Guess I need to remake W's and my chains as they look a bit worn :)

Last weekend was all about metal. Went to W's Mom's in Paso Robles to teach at her Art Guild. She had seen some of my Viking Chain Weaving and had gotten all excited. Most of the ladies in the group are jewelers to some degree. We had 13 for the workshop. Some got it fast and some slower. We did a bracelet in single and some did a double. Those on the really fast track tried the wired bead. My MIL brought in her glass bead "rejects" for accent beads and wiring.

This week is all about fiber. Set up the EGA booth at Stitches West and worked the booth last night. Sigh - also shopped - all the fibers yummy!!!!!!! Will work the booth on Sunday too. Meanwhile wove a narrow (1") braid to hang my name tag for the EGA National Board meeting next weekend. My chapter did a program on Sashiko embroidery. There is preprinted Sashiko so picked some up on my way to the booth yesterday so I have something mindless to work on during the 4 days of meetings.

Meanwhile I want to try my hand at knitting a hat. I've done slippers, scarves, and in the round so... Can't wait to start. Need to finish my service needlework first :(

Monday, February 09, 2009

Medieval Garden

The Met has a blog about Medieval Gardens. Entries include information on plants, what they were used for or represented, the medieval calendar of planting, etc.

Many of the entries have pics of the plants displayed in Books of Hours, tapestries and embroideries, as well as the physical plants themselves. Plan to spend some time browsing.