Friday, September 10, 2004

Getting Ready for Vacation

Time seems to run sooooooo fast thesse days. I had planned to use August to catch up on my stitching projects. Instead it became recover from A&S. I'm finally feeling like being creative and work, which has been little to non-exisitent for the last couple years seems to be on a large up-swing. Soooo I've had to be "professional". While I'd like to think that I'm professional in the way I think and do things, having to put on the outward trappings is another thing altogether. Getting up early - putting on a full face of makeup - putting on panty hose - putting on the "suit" - putting on real shoes (pumps versus clogs) - getting in the car and driving through traffic... Then being there in the room 110% to hear the case. Most of the time I multi-task. It is something I'm good at. However, when I'm hearing a case - the others in the room wouldn't understand if I brought my needlework along. Oh- well. 2 cases later...

Did a little more weaving. Good relaxation on the evenings when I'm home from working. I promise pics soon. Did some research into a lacis project. I may take the test project with me on vacation. It is a lot of set up which is suitable for sitting around in the evenings that we aren't out and about or when we are staying with friends. Did a bit of prep for a set of blackwork collar and cuffs for me. I will take the frontispiece for the German with me to do, but will probably also take the collar and cuffs - repetition is good and relatively mindless work.

When I return I need to prep for the 3 classes I'm teaching in October, finish my surface embroidery project (the radish book) and do the next installment for my column. The first issue with my column should be hitting the stands about now - Sept/Oct issue of Needlepoint Now. Hope they made all the last minute fixes on the citations. Yes it is REAL (big grin).

PS my phone now has the email and phone numbers from my computers address book - now to do the final updates to my Palm. It works!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Coping with the Modern World

"Toys" are supposed to make life easier. I suppose in the long run they will, but for now I'm doing a lot of weaving to combat the frustration of trying to make my toys work together. Strange how all the creative energy gets eaten when dealing with picky little details.

Tonight was a big break through - my phone and my computer communicated. Yes Bluetooth technology really works. Some day I'll have my phone and a portion of my email address book on my phone. Yes I'll still have the Palm/Treo, but since the email and phone both are through the phone...

Part of this is trying to get ready to go on vacation. We have 2 weeks in DC-Alexandria-Colonial Williamsburg - Virgina coming up fast. Meanwhile I have "real" work coming fast too. Sigh -- not a lot of time or energy to play with my needlework.
It always seems that you have to do so much to get ready to go on vacation and then catch up on the return side. I sometimes wonder if vacation is really worth all the trouble. Most of the time my needlework is my mental vacation.

Need to think about what project to take with me on this vacation. I have no doubt that if I don't take a project, I'll wish I had, but if I do, I won't get a lot of time to stitch.