Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Tired but content - warning long

It has been a fast week - again. Linn and Libby came up late Tuesday (5/18) and of course we stayed up late talking -- after decorating the dining room with all the store goodies. Since they were on their way to CATS and bring all the booth stuff, we just had to have a preview.

Wednesday was the Goldwork Class. 16 ladies tightly packed into my living room learning the joys of Goldwork. Think Linn hooked most of them as they want an advanced class in the fall. I stitched along and got to raid Linn's thread braid box. I've been working off and on, on a tin topper for my "chip box". It is coming along and the couple little extra bits put a lot of pizzazz into it. Yes pics soon.

On Thursday Linn and Libby toodled off to CATS to set up the booth - what was left after the 16 ladies had their way with all the goodies. Linn's thread winders are "to die for". I can't wait to see what else she is able to import.
Linn had left me with a task - to do a series of Make It/Take It classes for the booth on Saturday and Sunday. Sooooooooo.....with Linn's permission I used the basics from her website lesson and put together a handout. Then put materials together for the classes. This on top of returning the house to order and packing for CATS.

Friday off to Santa Clara via my dress makers. Had decided I needed new garb for June Crown. I will be on display a lot that weekend and I just can't be seen in the same old thing (tongue firmly planted in cheek). I had ordered some wonderful royal blue linen a while back and some great handerkechief weight linen for an underchemise. Managed to get them washed earlier in the week. Grabbed the buttons, husband and I had found a couple of events ago that had little tudor single roses on them. Then off to get the cotehardie done and then class. Managed to get the additional chairs dropped off at the booth, checked in and got to class early (since I was class helper it was a must). Shuttle Tatting - 4 hours of it. I'm not sure my fingers were made to do it. If I control the thread like I crochet, I can make it work and get a reasonable tension. Think I like Needle Tatting better, but shuttle is really portable. The reward was a lovely dinner at a really good sushi place with Linn and Libby. Then back to the room to stitch the model for the MITI.

Saturday was SHOPPING and doing 3 MITI sessions of 1 hour each. Had 9 students over the course of the day. Think I've successfully converted them all to blackwork (insert evil laugh). Then off to Overdying Threads with Catherine Jordan. The knowledge gained in the Crazy Quilt class really paid off. We dyed a couple dozen skeins of Anchor cotton floss, several yards of silk ribbon, 3 types of linen and 2 types of canvas. I definately am a child of the 70's - I tended toward the tie-dyed look. After 3 hours of class, back to the room to wash them all out.

Up early on Sunday for Martha Schmidt's 4 hour class on Insertion Stitches. Class started at 8 am and check out was 11 so.....Learned lots. Martha is an excellent teacher. It seems I have readers out there. Meet 2 of them in the class (Annette's Acre & Whiz Gidget) - HI! The web is a wonderful thing. Then back to the booth to teach. Unfortunately no one showed. Sunday was really quiet. For that matter the whole show was quiet and classes small - it seems the organizers forgot to ADVERTISE!!. Packed my car with booth stuff then off for my last class with Martha on fancy edgings with Hemstitching. Called the husband on the way home and put in the Chinese Take-out Order. Home with Linn and Libby and dinner all done. Time to crash and burn, but not before rumpling the cat.

Monday was a slow start. Linn and Libby went off to ship stuff for the Rockhome (?sp) show and me to shop for Monday nights dinner party and Tuesday luncheon. Then back to set a formal table and do dinner. Good food and good friends. Husband did all the handwashing of the china and crystal after and Linn and Libby pitched in to dry. I felt a bit guilty, but it was a lovely evening.

Tuesday Linn taught Blackwork Ornament 4 at my EGA chapter. I had made a molded tuna salad and sherry cake for the May luncheon. Then I stayed around to for the afternoon class in Hair Pin Lace. Really cool technique!. Linn and Libby headed home for a couple days well deserved rest.

Well not a lot of stitching, but learned lots. Off to work on my stitch database and column between loads of laundry. This weekend is all the inlaws and family. The husband is finally graduating after 5 years of night classes and the brother/sister inlaws are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary. Lets see - 4 dinner parties, 2 luncheons, a barbeque... Hope to find time to stitch for sanity sake.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Still More Fiddling To Do

Well we have a new template and most of the fiddling is done to get to work close to right. Still have more to do, but need to concentrate on other things. So your patience in overlooking the nits will be appreciated.

Been working hard on my next column and getting my database of stitches fuller. Since the next column is on needlepoint, I've been going back and forth between working on the column and inputting. Keeps me from getting too bored, but all the typing is aggregavating some tendonitis which is interferring with my stitching (drat). I hate to pace myself.

On another note - it seems my reputation of being "a force of nature" is spreading (grin). It is easy to get people to do what you want if you ask them to do what they want to do.

It is Friday, so it is Mystery night on our local PBS - 2nd Sight, Campion and more. Stitching on Friday night is a good thing. The husband has promised to join me and work on finishing his shirt -- yes the one with the blackwork bands.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Blog Woes

Tried to take advantage of the new layouts offered, but they didn't work right. So....back to the old style, but..... Fortunately I kept a copy of the code. I AM NOT a techie and in fact really dislike dealing with the technical aspects of anything. This is really quite funny (it is that or cry with frustration) as I am in the process of moving into a new computer. (sigh) Will have the husband try and "fix" it all tonight. Until then stand by. Your patience will be appreciated.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Its May Its May - the lusty month of May

In case you don't recognize the lyric, think Camelot.

Beltane was HOT - I don't do HOT (+85-90 degrees). Court was long but really neat things happened and friends had a pavilion nearby so I could watch, but be in the shade. My entries didn't win, but they were yummy - everyone that tried them said so. Eventually I'll post the recipes to my website. Didn't get a lot of stitching done, but did get to spend time with friends from afar.

Been planning out my next steps for the month- another column due, June Crown is coming up and I need to get a couple projects done to show in the display, plus get more work done for A&S, plus some mundane things -- the husband is finally graduating (party needs to happen), all the inlaws are arriving, Linn is coming and doing the Goldwork class (almost full) & a blackwork class, going to Stitching Festival to take a couple classes and maybe do a Make It/Take It, and I finally broke down and am moving to OSX on a new machine. So the month will be very full.

But wait there is more -- fun. There must be fun. I am so looking forward to having Linn and Libby - always fun. Lots of work on the house and garden -- finally getting some things done that have been weighing heavy. It feels good to do the things that make the house a home. The yard is full of wonderful roses and the sweetpeas are beginning to take off. The yard is full of its critters - frogs, dragon flies, monarch butterflies, birds of all sizes and types that I've never seen before, and an occassional visiting cat (drives our Pete "the cat" crazy). Life is good!

Tonight I'll reward myself with stitching on the Crazy Quilt before moving on to the surface embroidery project - more on that later. It is mystery night on TV - 2nd Sight, Campion and then a fun "B" vampire movie - Kiss of the Vampire. Good stitching time.