Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Whew! What a month - catching up again

I really don't plan on not blogging, but life has been so full lately. Working on my next column and the project - goldwork is slow, but very rewarding.

Finally got all the bits I need to put the kits together for the kneeling carpets. Now to finalize the instructions. Unfortunately to save money I had to order the yarn in 1 pound cones so will need to create skeins - sigh.

Doing the prep for the 3 classes I'll be teaching at A&S in July - competitions, metal thread embroidery, and reticella. Prep for June Crown followed immediately by the West An Tir War -- I am doing the cooking for Friday night for the camp - yes I volunteered.

Working on clearing out more stuff - I'm over burdened with stuff so am back to the clearing process. Stuff on ebay. Stuff to the homeless shelter and other charities. Stuff to garage sales. Stuff to Craigs List (damn 7 day listings). Slow work and of course everything is loaded with memories. I'm into my aunt's jewelry from the '60-'70's now. Clearing out loads of paper too.

Little time to stitch - which makes me testy. Hope to remedy that soon.