Saturday, October 11, 2008

Finding Inspiration

A couple weeks ago the Chihuly exhibit was at the DeYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park. I've always liked blown glass and his work in particular. It is hard to describe what I find special in his work, but I find all of it to be eye candy.

One of the items on sale in the gift shop was a 365 day book of Chihuly. It is filled with pictures of his work and comments from him about creating - what inspired him, what he saw, what he hoped to create, what he hoped to evoke.... There in that one book is probably one of the best "classes" on creating "art" that I have come across. The book will reside by my desk so that on days when I do not feel like an artist, I will have the tools to help fan the flames of inspiration.

I will leave you with the link to his website -- .

ps Amazon carries the book - search Chihuly and 365.