Monday, October 15, 2007

Running Fast - So What's New?

I commented this weekend to friends that I was "running fast"/juggling and they replied "so what's new?". Guess a lot of my life is like that. Just so long as I remember what is important -- friends and family, I guess I'm doing okay.

Shortly after my last post, I received a call from my cousin that her husband had died and they were having a memorial. Would I come? So off to Beaverton for the weekend. It was way better than I expected as a visit. We will see if the seeds that were planted are fruitful.

Came back to do my EGA local chapter meeting. Fun needlepoint stuff with wierd threads. Sometimes you just need to do something different!

City wide garage sale on the 29th - whew! Put out lots of stuff and lots went away. We excavated in the storage lockers and brought home about 2 dozen boxes of stuff. Some of the china I knew I wanted or is slated to go to various people - it is all washed and cleaned now. The other stuff was washed and put out for sale. Enough stuff went away that we packed down with one less box. Still no nibbles on the furniture (sigh). Will try to do another garage sale in Oct to make more stuff go away.

Put together my computer "slide" show of "Thread of Time: A Look at Needlework Throughout History". Had to put a cap at 1650 forward in order to do justice to the prior time pieces. It ran about 1 hr 15 min and I did some shortening as we moved through the presentation. Learned enough about powerpoint to do the presentation and then purchased a projector to do the presentation. Figured since I hope to do the show several times in the next year or so that it would pay for itself.

Then off to my Regional EGA weekend set of meetings - finance, board, Presidents, and Regional. Did lots of info collection to prep for the training I'm doing at the February meeting.

Missed GWW as it was opposite the EGA weekend of meetings. Will miss October Crown next year as it is opposite the EGA weekend of meetings and it is the weekend that if all goes as planned I would become Regional Director - presuming they still want me after the Feb presentation. Might be able to do GWW next year. I enjoyed the classes the last time we went.

Spent this last week catching up and having a house guest. We played a bit and then cooked like crazy in prep for Oct Crown -- 18 lamb hand pies, 24 chicken and leek hand pies and 20 apple handpies. We bought foccacia at the farmers market and Anne bought some yummy bread. We had lots of food and unfortunately lots came home. We ate well.

It rained on Friday - not bad but enough that everything was damp/wet. It stopped early evening and Saturday and Sunday were dry.

Friday evening, Will squired to Brion of Bellatrix. It was awesome!

The fighting was great. There were around 80 fighters in the list and only one unbelted was asked to cross over to the belted ranks to even the fields. The one unbelted was a woman whose partner won fighting for her. Did the needleworkers meeting. Did the Arachne's Web meeting. Presented the Kneeling carpets -- lots of awed sounds. Now to do the history of them for the history website. Received a Grant of Arms for the project. It is very nice to have one's work appreciated.

Meanwhile -- painting on our house will begin this week. This weekend we are supposed to do a Garagae Sale. Next week is my EGA meeting and all my ornaments for the fundraiser need to be finished -- 5 button/bead felt tree ornaments are embellishd, 2 of 3 of the needlepoint ornaments are stitched. Need to finish prepping for the 3 day CQ weekend - need to get at least 4 squares stitched and embellished.

Plus goldwork -- while Linn is here she is teaching a goldwork class down in San Jose. There are still slots open for it -- November 24. A lady contacted me since she was interested in goldwork. I told her Linn might be able to do a class and it seems to be happening.

So yes I am running fast. I'll post photos of the ornaments and the blocks in the upcoming weeks.