Friday, March 26, 2004

Model Stitching - Blech!!

Warning grump mode on --
Why is it that when you have finished working on a piece, you are tired of it? I'm tired of it and I'm in the middle of stitching the model. I hate being picky to make sure I follow the pattern. It is borrrrrrrrrrrrring to do counted cross stitch - yes I know some people love it. That is why I did this piece, but that does not mean I have to enjoy it. Yes I'll enjoy the finished version. It looks really good already, but I'm not enjoying the process. And there is nothing good on tv the last few nights/afternoons to take my mind off of it. I need to stitch in spurts. When I stitch for long periods of time I get tennis elbow (sigh). Guess I'll put in Pride and Prejudice - 6 hours. At least the dialogue will be interesting - the words in most of the programs lately hasn't been. ---
Grump mode off.

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