Friday, April 02, 2004

Hurrah! Model Done!!

Finished stitching the main part of the model on Wednesday night. Did the fiddly bits (a Linn-ism) last night. The husband did the scan and today I uploaded the whole package to the managzine. Now the waiting begins. It feels great though to know the first, and thus, probably the hardest one is done. The next article is sitting in my brain. The charts are mostly done and the model is about 1/2 hour from being finished. But before we go there we need to finish the Reticella class handout.
Guess I better decide what pattern I'm going to teach.

I plot out the process for teaching first. Determine the key points to cover. The handout is more a brain dump of bits I want them to remember and a guidebook for the project. I've learned more about desk top publishing than I ever wanted in the process.

Have really gotten into Adobe Acrobat. It can do wonderful things. Once I have the handout finished I put it into Acrobat. This makes it a smaller file and easier to print. I can also set permissions so the copy that gets uploaded to the website is read/print only.

Also need to finish the smocking article. I have it partially written. I need to decide whether it should be web or document on web. There is lots of interest right now and lots of misinterpretations running around. Part of me feels the need to put people on the right track - at least make them question what people are saying as absolutes.

Need more time. Anyone have some time I can have?

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