Monday, April 19, 2004

A Tambour Report

Well - I'm told that once you learn the process it is very fast. You can't prove it by me - yet. Tambour is using a crochet hook to make a chain stitch. If you are "embroidering" it looks like chain stitch on top and can be used to outline, fill, applique, etc. If you are beading, you work the beads or sequins on the bottom which is the right side of the fabric, and the chain stitch shows on the back side of the fabric. Since you are working with a tiny crochet hook and it is a 2-handed process, you have lots of places for problems. Think I found them all (grin).

Much of class was set up - creating a muslin frame for the work fabric and then putting it into a scroll frame - with tacking all 4 sides. Then came the actual technique work.

We have homework. I'll try to get through it all. I'm not sure what project I'll develop for next weeks class. As usual I thinking about a rose.

Class was fun. A chance to learn something different with people I know. 3 of them are top level historic costumers - 2 I've known since the 70's and the 3rd is the lady who matched me with my husband. One is a costume and design phd student and historic costumer. One is a more fun and fantasy costumer. And other is also a historic costumer. The teacher is a couture dressmaker with about 20 years experience who also does some reproduction and conservation work.
Now back to the mundanity of html -- it never ends.

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