Thursday, April 15, 2004

Something New

One of the ladies at the Reticella class mentioned that there was going to be a special class on Tambour embroidery on the 17th & 24th. My immediate reaction was that I had other things scheduled -- supporting my husband's war efforts. When I mentioned the class to him, he said I should go since the "war" events weren't really my thing and he knew I would enjoy the class. I called and they could fit another person in so on Saturday I am off to learn another form of embroidery.

18th C embroidery is not my thing, but collection 18th and 19th C embroidery tools is very much my joy. I have a tambour set and sewing box. While I won't use it in the class, I will take it for "show and tell".

Also received my Stitching Festival confirmation of classes. In May the Stitching Festival comes to a nearby town and I have signed up for 4 classes. I'm learning that while 7-10 classes may be fun, I'm too exhausted to really enjoy. So I will take shuttle tatting (took needle tatting last time), making overdyed threads (we get to be messy), an edging class, and a 2nd class on insertion stitches. When I'm not in classes I'll hang out at Linn's booth some and shop and and and...

Still having fun with the Crazy Quilt Bargello. Put in a couple Ogees. Linn gave me some of the Dinky Dye silks and they are wonderful. The cottons aren't bad either.

Now back to webbing the 100 classes for the Arts and Sciences event in July (blech - html).

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