Thursday, April 29, 2004

Running Fast Again

Last week was soooooooo fast - How fast was it? It was sooooooo fast that it blurred into this week that has been just as fast.

Did get all the html and pages done last week that I needed to, but no tambour homework. Went to the class anyway and the teacher was very forgiving. It seems that for most of us the stars were aligned on fast trak. Managed to get the tambour stitch to work well as embroidery, as a bead attachment and as applique before the class ended. Unfortunately I need to put it away for awhile.

This week has been running almost tooooo fast. Did managed to do something fun (see my Musings column) and went to the local EGA meeting. We had a lady in to talk about the Royal School of Needlework and her experiences during a very intensive 8 weeks of training. Don't think that is the route for me.

Next month is Linn's Blackwork Ornament class for our EGA group. It is right after CATS ( My tambour class mates got hyped on my comments about Linn's goldwork class and so we are having a special Goldwork class just before CATS. Been getting a good response to my class announcements - everyone is excited that Linn is coming.

Meanwhile, I've received confirmation that my column is a go. I'll let you all know when it is to be published when they let me know. Guess I need to finish the 2nd column soon - next week's assignment.

This weekend is my SCA Beltane event - a coronation event. So drag out the good clothes, cook up a storm (just for fun I'm entering 2 dishes in the Wooden Spoon competition - theme is From the Pasture and we are camping at a sheep ranch - you can guess what my dishes are), prepare for guests, haul out the camp gear.... So back to cooking - 2 dishes down and 2 to go. Stitching -- I'll take it with me, but it looks like a full weekend.

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