Thursday, April 08, 2004

Paperwork Stitching Paperwork Stitching - which would I rather do?

Spent yesterday AM writing reports and doing general paperwork. All I could think of was - "I want to get back to stitching". Spent the afternoon working on the Reticella handout. Decided I really needed at least some diagrams. The stitch diagrams are all from the web - with citations. Then used Canvas to create diagrams of the piece. I had already done the "pattern" piece that you put on the needle pillow and stitch over, so added letters and numbers to it - in various versions, to show the order of stitching. So the handout is done - all 12 pages.

Unfortunately it is 2.7 mg even as a pdf - large numbers to get the detail in the jpgs (sigh). Tech alert - it is too big to mail to husband at work to get copied. Nor does he have a way of taking a disk. So last night - 11 pm, husband created a space on our server where I could put it and he can get to it to get the copies done. Normally I'd have printed the copies myself, but my equipment doesn't have the fine resolution I want. Oh well!. I will post it on my website next week if anyone wants to look.

Then I got to have fun - my reward for being good. Spent part of the evening doing the model stitching. Also did a bit more on the Bargello piece. Had decided that one color REALLY didn't work so had taken it out. Courtesy of Linn I had a Dinky Dyes silk that was just perfect. Took the section in a completely different direction than I had originally planned - but it works. Hurrah.
Yes I know - pics. I promise soon.

Now back to the "paperwork" - actually building the class listing in html for the July event - 100 classes in a weekend plus about 10 demos, plus 8 competitions, plus a play, plus.... Yes I'm running it :)

-- Sabrina (renewed by stitching)

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