Monday, November 07, 2005

The Column

Have received a couple emails about my column with questions about what magazine and the topics. So here is a list of the articles in Needlepoint Now:

Sept/Oct 2004 - Voided Work/Not Just Assisi
Project - bookmark with pattern from 1546 - long arm cross stitch - pomegranates

Nov/Dec 2004 - Needlepoint Furnishings/Canvaswork
Project - Elizabethan Oak Life Scissor Fob - tent stitch - pattern from a Hardwicke Hall cushion

Jan/Feb 2005 - Bargello
Project - Scissor Case with 2 sides - Flame Stitch and Hungarian Stitch - modified renaissance patterns

March/April 2005 - Elizabethan Slips
Project - silk gauze briar rose slip - pattern from existing slip - tent stitch

May/June 2005 - Blackwork Bands
Project - bookmark in double running from Quentel - courtesy of Linn Skinner

July/ Aug 2005 - Blackwork Filling Patterns
Project - Dragonfly Needlecase - double running stitch - patterns courtesy of Linn Skinner from historic textiles

Sept/Oct 2005 - Cross Stitch
Project - courtesy of Chris Laning - pincushion - patterns from Sens Pouch

Nov/Dec 2005 - Pattern Darning (on the stands now)
Project - altoids tin cover of Egyptian Pattern Darning - pattern from a 14th C. collar

Jan/Feb 2006 - Opus Teutonicum and other counted thread German stitching
Project - small box/ornament of Congress Cloth - 6 patterns including pattern darning and satin stitching

March/April 2006 - German Brick Stitch (tentatively)
Project - TBD

Thanks for all the support. Now back to stitching my prework for a class with Diane Clements on Reticella.

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