Thursday, July 20, 2006

We're Having a Heat Wave

Seems that we are not the only area with a heat wave. Talked with friends in England yesterday and they are melting from the heat.

I don't do heat so the heat is a bit debilitating. I do my morning stuff in the office until the office gets too hot. Then I move to the kitchen/garden room for a late breakfast and lavendar wand making session. Then back upstairs to the office for a bit. Then to the den for some needlework. 

Yesterday was doing the model for the reticella class -- very basic bit with a frame, fill of buttonhole stitch and brides. It is a 2"x2" square and I am working with #5 pearl cotton. The pattern would do better with a bit smaller square and finer cotton, but this is for beginners to get a taste. It is hard to design something that works for a 1.5 hour class. This class is on loan from a lovely lady in Arizona who did an article for TI and then put it on the web. I met her at the Estrella War last year where she taught the class. This class is a recent addition to the other 2 planned classes and so rather than start from scratch - I asked permission.

Today I'm back to working on the project for my column. Had a problem with the patterned portion of the goldwork. I HATE counted work. It always gives me fits. Pulled out a few rows and hope that that will fix the problem. If not..... I'd like to take the piece as an example for the metal thread couching class. It isn't the best work I've done - something about deadlines, but it is okay. I want more done on it before I show it in class, so will focus on it today and tomorrow.

The class handouts are done. Will put the kits together tonight for a stitching break. Not looking forward to the 95 degree heat expected for A&S. The site is a nice park in Napa, but the heat......

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