Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hot Teaching!!!

How hot was it - 107 when we left Napa at 7 pm!!! Managed to teach the 3 classes. Turnout for the event was low (sigh!). 

I had told the schedule people to start me with 2nd period since I couldn't guarantee 1st period with daytripping. The husband decided to take, and sent in an advance registration, for a 1st period class. Left the house at 6:30 am! I am sooooo not a morning person. Grabbed coffee on the way out of town and off to the event. I wore an Indian tunic and pants outfit  - rich dark blue with variation on gold embroidery. Very pretty and thin cotton. Even so I kept wetting my napkin in the ice water and placing it around my neck. Someone had thoughtfully put iced water coolers around the site. It was a life saver - literally.

Otherwise - had fun. I spent some time with a couple ladies and learned the basics of spinning with a drop spindle. It was a gap in my knowledge base that needed to be filled. Spent class breaks and lunch judging some of the competitions. Got some good feedback on my goldwork piece for my column including a fix for one problem that was really bugging me. It was a relatively laid back good day.

Spent the week recovering and doing EGA stuff. Now to finish some more goldwork and prep for the weekend. Saturday, Will's sister and nephew are going to met us at an event. His brother and wife may also come along. 

Sunday his war unit has practice at our house - field across the street. Expect we will freak the neighbors a bit. It will be followed by a big barbeque & party. The weather is expected to be 68 here (100 inland) on Sunday. Think we will have a full crew. Need to finish shopping for the party tomorrow. Will prep the food Saturday after the day's event. Nothing like cooking for 20 (hot dogs and other sausages, teriyakied chicken drumettes, broccoli salad, potato salad, deviled eggs, veggie dip tray, and fresh fruit - pineapple, catalope, berries, and watermelon for dessert).

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