Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Having Fun with Goldwork Too

Yesterday I taught at my local EGA - Basic Metal Thread Embroidery and Bullion Basics. Had 6 for the class and managed to hook them all. A couple of the ladies had materials or kits but had been afraid to try them, but after the class they seemed gung ho to go play. One lady is a designer and I can't wait to see what she develops with the Metal Threads; she is sooooo very creative.

I've also let myself in for some work. I've agreed to be our local workshop chair. It seems they have liked my classes and are looking forward to some creative workshops.

So left the meeting feeling good. They also were very pleased with my article and several had actually gone out and bought the magazine. Needless to say I'm flying high. Now to buckle down and write the one for the Jan/Feb issue. Fortunately the project is done.

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