Monday, October 18, 2004

You can lead a horse to water

It seems that this same theory holds true with needleworkers. They have been asking for classes on more advanced stitches, but no one showed. Spent large portions of last week doing up the handout for 3 raised stitches. Oh well! Yes I'll post the handout sometime this week - for the audience at large.

Yes the trip pics are up on the personal portion of the website. Spent several days doing a quick and dirty travel log with pics - including the costume and embroidery pages.

This last weekend was October Crown. A bit wierd as the site we use also was used by the CDF (California Forestry Dept) to fight a nearby forest fire. We had smaller space allotment than usual, massive modern lighting all day and night, helicopters flying in and out, and collie dogs in trainging for another group - dogs barked all day. A number of the off duty fire fighters came over to check out our group and its doings.

We came home with a kitten - 12 weeks old, from a friend whose cat had a litter. The husband has said we should get our present male cat a kitten so... Tomorrow the vet and when we get the all clear then we will do the introductions. Meanwhile I need to find a way to put all my fiber arts stuff away. I am sooooo spoiled as our current cat could care less about needles, thread, yarn, etc. He will act as a fabric weight and loves wool, but other wise is an embroiderers delight. I can see lots of challenges ahead.

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