Monday, October 25, 2004

Having Fun with Blackwork

Spent the last couple evenings getting ready to teach this morning's class on Blackwork Filling Patterns. I love teaching this class as it really is one where you see the light bulb go on in people's eyes as they begin to understand the concepts and make it their own.

There were 16 in an ANG class today - all very experienced stitchers. Some had done blackwork before. A couple had taken classes from Ilse Althaer (?sp) on making Blackwork Reversible. And still the light bulb went on in these stitchers' eyes. It was so VERY rewarding. They came away from class thinking that Blackwork is fun! Hurrah - more converts. A couple even stated that they intended to finish the project -- high praise indeed -- so I'm riding high

Tonight is switching gears as tomorrow I teach beginning Metal Thread Embroidery with a bit of bullion basics thrown in for good measure. Of course putting the kits together is so much fun with a new kitten around.

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