Saturday, October 02, 2004

I played hooky

Went on a wonderful 2 week vacation and didn't do any needlework. I really played hooky!

Husband and I spent lots of time in museums in Washington DC. Don't remember when I walked soooooo much. Ended the 1st part, on my birthday, with going to the White House in the AM, the Library of Congress exhibit on 350 years of Jewish Life in America in the afternoon, and Cirque du Soleil's Varekai in the PM. It is good to have a flexible mind.

Then off to visit friends in Alexandria via Mt Vernon. Wonderful house in old town, good food and company. Got our cat fix too. Then off again to Colonial Williamsburg. Lots more walking. Spent serious money on this trip on books - clothing, textiles, and cookbooks. The DeWitt Museum has wonderful drawers of textiles including samplers and other embroidered items so guess I did at least look at needlework on the trip.

Finished off the trip with a visit to horse country and another friend's home which is styled as a Regency Country House. She has taken an old "ranch" and rebuilt it into a working farm. It is completely organic and supports an English style tavern. It is also one of the largest farms for shire horses Ayrshire Farm.

I'll post pics to the personal website soon - if anyone is interested.

Finally readjusting to being back and the time change. Spent the day working on my handout for the class for October Crown - 3 Raised Stitches (Detached Buttonhole, Trellis, and Hollie Point). Yes I'll post the handout to the website after the class. For those that have a raised eyebrow as to whether Hollie Point is Elizabethan - Digby says it is, but others disagree.

Now to wind down with The Three Muskateers and some basic sewing stuff - yes sometimes you just need to do the repair work too.

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