Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And the Beat Goes On

Hope everyone's holidays were happy and that the New Year will bring good health and happiness to everyone.

Sometimes the holidays just get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of good cheer that tends to accompany the times. It is just that there are so many little things that make life more difficult. For example, the 6 christmas gifts that didn't arrive before we left for the holiday visit. Then there were the package of spangles that didn't arrive in time for me to deliver The Project to the dressmaker before we left. Fortunately everything arrived while we were gone and so I am frantically sewing to get the project done.

Went to Disneyland for 3 days with friends. Managed to leave late, but arrived in time to check in and get some sleep before getting to the park at opening. The crowds were huge, but that first hour (8 am) you can get on most of the rides you want. Did park things for a couple hours. Ate a late breakfast. Then more park stuff like exhibits that don't have the long lines of kids with parents. Went back to the hotel for a couple hours rest then back to the park for dinner and the evening. Did Downtown Disney - shops and restraurants that don't require tickets. Did California Adventure - it lacks the depth, but then the husband reminded me that Disneyland is 50 years old and there have been lots of time to build the depth. It does have the Electric Light Parade, or at least a version of one.

The neat part about going at Xmas is that Disney does Xmas big! Small World is decorated with holiday themes from around the world and holiday music is intertwined with "It's A Small World". Also they use the front of the building as a backdrop for a fun lightshow after the "15 minutes" clock show. Haunted Mansion becomes The Nightmare Before Christmas. Each area is decorated with garlands and wreaths that reflect that area. Even the Golden Gate Bridge is decorated with gold garlands and wreaths. Then to top it off it snows in certain areas of the park at the end of the fireworks display.

The food was pretty good, if you were willing to hunt for it and pay the prices. The River Belle serves a decent breakfast. The Main St. General Store coffee includes all day refills. The Blue Bayou serves LARGE portions and reasonable quality meats. Catal was very good in Downtown Disney - I'd go back just for the Appetizers. We treated ourselves to a fancy dinner at The Vineyard. It was a 4 course dinner with wine pairings. We hadn't had the time or health to go out and celebrate the husbands big install in Nov so this was it. Dinner took about 2+ hours and then had a perfect view of the Electric Light Parade. A very nice way to end the Disney portion.

Hope to do a photo page off the personal website, but that will have to wait until after 12th Night. Saw the family, but the trip home was cut short as the husband was coming down with a nasty cold. The presents were well received and we were well "presented" in return.

With the weather, the lighting on the California foothills, on the ride home, really reminded me of the Sharon B's blog - In a Minute Ago. She was commenting on the need for artists to have a sort of reference design folder. You put in this folder things that call to you from any source - magazines, photos, etc. Linn Skinner has also commented that you find design sources everywhere you look. You just need to look with that "artist's eye".

Now back to spangles and pearls. Need to find an upbeat film to sew to today. Hm....

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