Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Coping with the Modern World

Coping Coping Coping -- I am so not a techie. Spent large parts of the weekend doing the install software, recabling the office for new/different hardware, etc. Thank heaven for the husband who can debug just about anything.  Grump - I'd rather be stitching. 

Speaking of which, I am enjoying the crazy quilting a lot. A line or 2 of stitching a night really helps relaxation and is a lot of fun. I've decided to just let the stitching flow. So I am trying new stitches and new threads. I'll put up the next page/installment shortly. Suffice to say serendipity happened when I dropped by JoAnns yesterday -- I found THE bit that makes the block come together (happy dance).

PS I'm posting this and testing a new fangeled program called a widget. I don't have to do the formal log in or anything. It takes care of all of it for me.

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