Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Need to develop the instant transport

Just when I thought life was under control.... Friday night Peninsula Symphony with family friend. It may be all volunteer, but the group is really pretty good. While the pianist was no Oscar Levant, they did a good rendition of Rhapsody in Blue and Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man.

Saturday up and out at 6:30 am -- yes we seem to be continuing the trend here - off to Paso Robles (3.5 hours) to Eagle Castle Winery to assist the local group with a demo (demonstration). I put together 2 display boxes of stuff - 1 of textiles and other projects and 1 of needlework. Took along the fancy German chairs and wore good cotehardie garb. Will did garb and heavy fighting. They had 6 fighters, 4 fencers, and half dozen of us "manning" the display. It was lovely to have a castle as a backdrop for the demo. Plus they make a good port as we found out.

The local group has a number of neat people and it was fun to "play" at the local level again. Reminds you of what this hobby is really all about - fun and learning while doing.

The added bonus was that it was Paso Robles wine tasting weekend and near to Will's Mom's place. She came out to see what her son has been up to for xx years. Went over after and out to nice dinner. 

Up early the next morning - we slept in - left at around 7 am - drove the 3.5 hours to Concord for Gryphon fighter practice, meeting, and barbeque birthday party. Then home to recover.

Tuesday was EGA day - program with Dianne Clements on Shadow Work - plus meeting, plus....

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