Thursday, September 28, 2006

Another New Hobby

I am bad...I am so bad. I really should have been concentrating on the sewing I need to do for my column, 12th Night, and promised projects, but I could not resist.

Awhile ago I had seen "silk paper" and thought it was way cool. Then recently I was browsing the Joggles newsletter which finds its way into my inbox on Sundays. They mentioned soy silk fusion materials and a tutorial on how to make soy silk paper. Bought the stuff - soy silk which is made from the fibers of processed soy products into a "roving". It is then dyed. Then you buy a fixative. You spread the roving horizonatally and vertically between netting. Wet the product with a detergent and water and then apply the fixative. The color runs but doesn't seem to affect the piece. You dry the netted piece. Remove the net and heat set the "paper". It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than finger paints because you can make stuff with the silk paper or even embroider on it. So here is my first attempt.

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