Monday, July 02, 2007

Creativity - where is my muse

The trouble with having so many projects on my plate, is that even when I am procrastinating about one project, I'm still making headway on another.

I really need to do up a batch of artist trading cards. I know the base I'm going to use - the soy silk "paper" I made awhile ago. It is large enough to make a batch of 12. I even think I know what is going to go on the base. The design, however, escapes me (BIG SIGH). Rather than work through the block, I am procrastinating.

Nor am I working on the pieces that need to be done this month - the filet lace piece and class and the presentation bag for Atenvelt. Really need to do those next week or I'll be in deep....

While my creativity seems to be at a low point, I am working on low creativity required projects. Been working on a piece to go on a friends gown - a secret project. It is basic stitching on linen so it is almost meditative. To change off I work on some kumihimo, or knitting.

I also have a "challenge" from my EGA region workshop director - a canvaswork crazy quilt ornament. You do the base in 3 fibers with 4 patterns. The ornament is split into sections like fabric patches and you do the patterns in different directions. Then comes the creative part - doing surface embroidery over the "seams" and patches.

Jane Nicholas arrives in 2 weeks from Australia. We are the first stop on her N. America tour. She will be staying with me for a week (big grin). Guess I better see what the materials list for class has on it.

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