Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Historic Needlework: Samplers

Happy New Year - may 2008 bring you lots of stitching joy!

I've decided that as part of this column I should highlight some fun and interesting websites that deal with historic needlework. This is the first of this series (and yes I will tag them).

This Sampler website highlights a collection and tour of Scottish Samplers. There is information on the samplers themselves, on samplers in general, and a fun interactive/design your own "game". The commentator on the website is Naomi Tarrant who has several books out on samplers.

Samplers have never been my "thing". However after seeing the collection as the Burrell and seeing a number of them in their natural surroundings in a couple of Elizabethan country manor houses in England and Scotland, I admit to becoming fascinated. Enjoy!

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